Grantharaj Shree Dnyaneshwari Aadhyatmik Sadhana Kendra

Umbare, Tal. Bhor, Dist. Pune

येथ जाति कुळ अप्रमाण | (Saint Dnyaaneshwar Maharaj)
भेदाभेद भ्रम अमंगळ | (Saint Tukaram Maharaj)
Temples, mathas not being the places only for vows, rituals and worshipping but are the purest places for liberating knowledge.
These thoughts are the basis for designing the Dnyaeshwari Aadhyatmik Sadhana Kendra so that it could be a place to liberate and inculcate the divine thoughts of saints which will give purity of mind, peace, satisfaction, auspicion among various school & college students!
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For the proper execution and implementation of all activities, the organization realized the need for a permanent structure in place. This resulted in the proposal of construction of these Sadhana Kendra(s).
Commemorating the tradition of Dnyaandaan (endowment of knowledge) followed in our divine culture of India, the pure objective behind these Sadhana Kendra(s) is to inculcate the values and the thought of the ideal way of life as given by the saints in individuals.
The Sadhana Kendra would be striving to impart true knowledge which leads to self realization and elevates the society beyond all the differences due to Gender-Class-Age-Caste-Creed. Therefore Shree Sant Seva Sangh welcomes every individual irrespective of the caste-religion-creed he/she belongs to.