Savyasachi Gurukulam has been established for research, development and conservation of Indian warfare techniques. Training of both Indian martial arts and Indian philosophy are imparted simultaneously in Savyasachi Gurukulam. This is provided through the Guru-Shishya tradition where children and young minds acquire not only the strong and energetic body but also the intellectual & spiritual power.


  • Engrave the glorious history of India on the minds of the youth
  • Develop a patriotic, adventurous, selfless, mighty, strong and cultured young generation
  • Promote ancient Indian culture through the study and trainig of Indian warfare techniques
  • Contribute to national Defense by teaching Self Defense


Character Building
  • Value Education
  • Study of Bhagvad Geeta, Ramayan
  • Patriotism
Indian Martial Arts
  • Niyuddha, Self Defense
  • Kalaripayattu
  • Lathi/Kathi
  • Silambam
  • Concentartion Techniques
  • Jyoti Dhyan
  • Tratak
Indian Exercises
  • Sarvang Sundar Vyayam
  • Namaskar - Soorya, Chandra, Pruthvi
  • Dand, Baithak
Olympic Games
  • Wrestling
  • Archery, Fencing
  • Rifle Shooting
Indian Sports
  • Mallakhambh (Indian Gymnastic Pole)
  • Horse Riding


Aacharya Lakhan Jadhav
There have been many attacks on our country in which our countrymen were subjected to unspeakable atrocities, many temples were destroyed, our livestock and cows were slaughtered, our mothers and sisters were disgraced. But even worse, the 'Gurukul's from which the seeds of eternal life were sown were destroyed.
The savage gangs who did not even know the smell of civilization, did not know what culture means, just destroyed our 'Gurukul's with the force of sword. We just stared helplessly. The reason for this is the disarmament of the Indian monarchy. We forgot the formula that without arms, knowledge is crippled and without knowledge, arms are irrational.
This thought caused a great deal of uneasiness in the mind of a war scholar Shri. Lakhan Jadhav. For the youth today to understand the true meaning of peace and the strength required to establish it, research, development and conservation of Indian warfare is required.
The Savyasachi Gurukulam has been set up to make the Indian youth become aware of the fact that "internal national security can be attained only through self-defense" and to empower them with physical and mental strength as they being the national wealth of our country. Shri. Lakhan Jadhav is the Principal Acharya of Savyasachi Gurukulam.

Awards & Recognitions

  • 2008: Limka Book of Record by Aacharya Lakhan Jadhav for cutting of 3802 lemons using wapon named "Dand Patta
  • 2015: "State Youth Award" by Maharashtra Government (Sports and Young welfare Dept)
  • 2017: "Shivratna Puraskar" at Raygad Fort
  • 2018: "Shivkalin Uddhakala" presentation aired on Zee Talkies
  • 2019: "Mardani Khel" presentation at "Khelo India" national games
  • 2019: "Shivkalin Uddhakala" presentation at "Fit India" movement inauguration by PM Narendra Modiji
  • Hundreds of state/national level Gold/Silver/Bronze medals are won by Gurukul students

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Shri. Lakhan Dilip Jadhav
Vengrul, Tal. Bhudargad, Dist. Kolhapur
Maharashtra, India, 416210
Phone: 96238 51285, 85510 48682
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