Aatmadnyaan- A journey within...
A series of paintings based on divine thoughts from ShreeDnyaneshwari.

The very first project in India.

The Manifestation of art through colours and forms.

Proven different from the auditory medium of chants, sermons, etc.

An innovative medium, attracting the youth.


Aatmaja (Renu Pande, Shirpur, Dist. Akola) G. D. Art, Dip. A. Ed., A.T.D. is a devoted volunteer of Shree Sant Seva Sangha. Aatmadnyaan is a series of paintings based on the manifold aspects of spirituality such as Dnyan-Bhakti-Yoga, the principles from spirituality and the manifestation of Kundalini Shakti. The series came into form through Aatmaja’s experience.
Aatmaja says that "Earlier I had a liking for portraits & landscape drawings. But, in the year 2003, I got acquainted with the work of Shree Sant Seva Sangha and my spiritual guru Pu. Shree Sanjay Guruji. Gradually, I started getting introverted with his lectures and the regular reading and contemplation of Shreegeeta-Dnyaaneshwari.
My perspective towards art completely changed. Instead of creating just beauty through art, I felt like manifesting the depth of spiritual thoughts through colors and forms. To convey the spiritual principles necessary for the development of an individual & society by all possible means is the right way to serve the society. Thus, with a view of carrying immortal happiness to them, I resolved to propagate the divine thoughts from spirituality through my paintings. Through this notion, came into form the series of paintings - Aatmadnyaan. I donate all these paintings selflessly to Shree Sant Seva Sangha and its Jeevanvratees".


We organise exhibitions of these paintings in schools, colleges, art galleries, etc. The exhibition consists of paintings based on the couplets from Grantharaj ShreeDnyaneshwari and also on  abhangas by Jagadguru ShreeTukaram Maharaj. This is a unique and a very effective medium to attract the young generation towards these thoughts. This project is one of its kind and a pioneer in Maharashtra. Aatmaja is a dedicated and completely devoted volunteer of our organization. Her own experiences, throughout her journey has resulted in the creation of these paintings based on knowledge, devotion, Yog. The evolution of the kundalini and various concepts from spirituality. We receive an overwhelming response from youngsters who come and visit the exhibition in huge numbers.

Exhibition Venues:

  • Pune
    • Mehendale Sabhagruha, Pune (2006)
    • M.I.T. College, Pune (2006 )
    • C.O.E.P. (2006)
    • Balgandharv Kaladalan, Pune (2006)
    • Whispering Woods, Lonavala (2006)
    • G. L. Apte Sabhagruha, Pune (2006)
    • S. P. College, Pune (2006)
    • M. E. S. Garware College, Pune (2007)
    • Balgandharv Kaladalan, Pune (2009)
  • Nasik
    • Kalidas (Mahatma Phule Kaladalan), Nasik (2006)
    • B. Y. K. College, Nasik (2007)
  • Others
    • Baramati Bhagini Mandal Hall, Baramati (2006)
    • Pa. Pu. Upalekar Maharaj Samadhi Mandir Hall, Phaltan (2006)
    • Sumitra Hall, Akluj (2006)
    • Pandharpur (2008)
    • A.T. College, Bhor (2011)
    • Shrimant Gangutai Pantsachiv Vachanalay, Bhor (2011)

Appreciated By:

  • Padmashree Dr. Vijay Bhatkar
  • Padmashree Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar
  • Artist Ravi Paranjpe
  • Renowned Actor Ramesh Dev
  • Pt. Sanjeev Abhyankar
  • Dr. V.D. Karad- Founder Director, MIT, Pune
  • Taalyogi Suresh Talwalkar
  • Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai
  • Dr. Shraddha Walvekar, Nasik