Musical Events

"VaikunthaNayaka"... Musical Event based on compositions of Maharashtrian Saints...see more
"Ramayan"... Dance Production based on characters from Raamayan...see more

Recent Events

Sadhana Kendra
Temples, mathas not being the places only for vows, rituals and worshipping but are the purest places for liberating knowledge. These thoughts are the basis for designing the Aadhyatmik Sadhana Kendra(s) ... read more
Monthly Magzine
Monthly magazine named 'Daas Daideepyamaan Parampareche'. Renders write-ups on different topics from philosophy and spirituality, comments by dignitaries... read more
Audio Books/ CDs
The Abhangas by different saints, Stotras by Jagadguru Shreemad Adi Shankaracharya, Cuplets from more
Young Minds
There are around 3500 well qualified young volunteers all over the Maharashtra who are sincerely working in Shree Sant Seva Sangha for the great purpose of propagating Shreemad BhagavadGeeta & more
Dnyaneshwari Audio Book
Shree Sant Seva Sangh has started a project of creating a Dnyaneshwari Audio Book. Audio Book will contain the couplets in Dnyaneshwari sung by renowned singers. The couplet is followed by its meaning. CDs of first two chapters of Dnyaneshwari are already more
Work is Worship!
Spirituality does not confer fatalism, passivity or escapism, but a rigorous practice of duty and responsibility. It is a misconception that a person becomes inactive due to spirituality. Shree Sant Seva Sangha is the advocate of the tendency of being resolute towards one’s duties and instilling it within children, which would always result in their betterment as well as that of the society.
The true education
Education does not only mean abundance of information. True education means inculcating worthy attributes and seeds of values in the minds of every pupil. Shree Sant Seva Sangha teaches us to practise every duty befitting the preachings of saints, love towards everyone and gives true education through devotion towards the Supreme Soul.
Religion means attribute. Religion means nature. Religion means duty or responsibility. Religion is that which keeps each element of the society in accordance. It refers to that which is followed through the pure deeds of virtuous people. It accomplishes the growth of every individual leading to salvation. Shree Sant Seva Sangha tries to liberate the society from those who mislead people by portraying religion as addiction and preaches.
Life's ultimate objective- Sainthood
Shree Sant Seva Sangha provokes fervor to make one's mind as that of the saints', thoughts as that of the saints', conduct as pure as that of the saints', at an appropriate age and preaches sainthood as the ultimate objective of life.