Sadhana Dindi - Punyabhoomi Bharat Darshan
Ashadhi Ekadashi, the greatest and most important occasion in the Warkari Sampraday. Every year, lakhs of Warkaris joyously participate in the wari and walk across the Alandi-Pandharpur route, chanting abhangas.
Keeping in mind, this ideal tradition of the wari, ShreeGurujee Arvindanath Maharaj Ranalkar initiated the informal dindis all over India. Based on Gurujee's concept, the organisation started Bharat Darshan Sadhana Dindis to various holy, spiritual and historically significant places.


Reading spiritual books and scriptures, discussing and contemplating and indulging in Yoga Sadhana forms the major part of these dindis. The dindis result in bringing about a change in the personality. One learns to gain control over mind-body-senses, to confront and adjust in unfavorable situations. One also learns to sense different vibes or different moods and feelings brought about due to the exposure to various areas and locations. This is merely by the grace of Guru.
Shree Badrinath Darshan
Pumpa Sarovar Chintan Varga
Humpi - Vijay Nagar - Kishkindha