About Us
Poojaniya Guruji Shree Sanjay Godbole
Poojaniya Sau. Dnyaneshwari Godbole
Shree Sant Seva Sangha propagates the divine thoughts and ideas of saints among the people in society with a pure objective of moulding their lives according to divine principles from Shreemad Bhagwadgeeta and Shree Dnyaneshwari. In order to carry the essence these Grantha(s) among every individual in society, Shree Sant Seva Sangh implements different projects like:
  • Grantharaj Shree Dnyaneshwari Curriculum (first scholastic activity in Maharashtra)
  • Free Residential Enlightenment Camps
  • Pravachan Seva (Lectures)
  • Aatmadnyan Paiintings Exhibitions (A series of paintings based on couplets from Dnyaneshwari)
  • Weekly Contemplation Classes (Chintan Varga)
  • Musical Programs based on "Ramayan", "Abhangas"
  • Music CDs/ Audio Books: Compositions of Shreemad Adi Shankarachrya, Saint Dnyaneshwar
  • Sadhana Dindi: Punyabhoomi Bharat Darshan
  • Publications: Monthly magazines
  • Free Medical Camps for "Varkaris"
ते ज्ञान पै गा बरवे | जरी मनी आथी आणावे | तरी संतां या भजावे | सर्वस्वेसी ||
[The Saints who have realized the Truth will instruct you in wisdom. Learn it by falling at their feet, by questioning and serving them.]
Considering the above couplet as proportion, Shree Sant Seva Sangha was established in 1997 by Poojaniya Guruji Sanjay Godbole and Poojaniya Sau Dnyaneshwari Godbole. The propagation of knowledge was started through various activities and are going on unimpededly for the last 22 years merely by the grace of Param Poojaniya Gurujee Shree Arvindanath Maharaj Ranalkar.
We are experiencing a bliss while implementing projects in different areas across Maharashtra viz., Pune, Nasik, Kolhapur, Akola, Nagpur, Ahmednagar Buldana, Akluj, Bhor, Khandala, Khamgaon, Phaltan and Baramati.The execution of all the above-mentioned activities becomes a part of Samashti Sadhana. Whereas moulding ones' life as per the divine principles becomes a part of Vysahti Sadhana. We strongly believe that the success achieved by all of us is completely supported by the grace of our ideal Guruparampara.
Our ideal Dnyanparampara-Guruparampara
Lord Shree Krishna, Maharshi Ved Vyas, Jagadguru Shreemad Adi Shankaracharya, Vishwaguru Shree Gorakshanath Maharaj, Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj and Poojaniya ShreeGuru Arvindnath Maharaj.