Music Albums of melodiously rendered & Soul touching Stotras

Narayan Narayan

Advait (non-duality)knowledge is the supreme among all. But not all individuals possess the ability to experience this knowledge. A common man, while performing his daily responsibilities, can easily chant the name of the Lord (or be in persistent remembrance of the Almighty). With this motive, Adi Shankaracharya composed many knowledge-based stotras describing the form and the qualities of Lord Vishnu.
Composer: Jeevan Dharmadhikari
Singers: Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar
Pandit Shaunak Abhisheki
Sadhana Sargam
Courtesy: Dixit Industries, Nasik
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ShreeDnyaneshwar Stavanam
This stotra itself is a tribute at the feet of ShreeDnyaneshwar Maharaj.

Narayan Stotram
This stotra narrates the characters of Prabhu Ramchandra, the Poorna Avatar (complete incarnation) and Lord Shreekrishna, the Paripoorna Avatar (absolute incarnation) of Lord ShreeVishnu. The hearts of the ones reciting this stotra would be filled with the divinity and the purity of his name.

This is a beautiful commentary on the constant recitation of which, one can experience the almighty.

The needs of an individual are fewer as compared to the luxuries. He should journey from luxury to need, then from need to generosity and lastly from generosity to Aatmadnyaan.