Music Albums of melodiously rendered & Soul touching Stotras

Bhaje Dnyandevam

Composer: Jeevan Dharmadhikari
Singers: Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar
Pandit Shaunak Abhisheki
Sadhana Sargam
Courtesy: Dixit Industries, Nasik
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Advait (non-duality)knowledge is the supreme among all. The knowledge of the aatma can be attained only by the grace of Guru. For this, Shreemad Adi Shankaracharya has composed different stotras which guide us along the path of non-duality.

Shree Dnyaneshwar Stavanam
This stotra itself is a tribute at the feet of ShreeDnyaneshwar Maharaj.

Shree Dnyaneshwarashtakam
This stotra is a tribute to ShreeDnyaneshwar Maharaj and portraits his work and qualities.

Shree Guru Stotram
The stotra recites the form, the work and the might of the Guru-Tattva.

The stotra illustrates the form of the Aatma.